The first ethical real estate agency in Barcelona

We all seek tranquillity and security in different aspects of our lives, and obtaining the ideal home is one of the greatest wishes to achieve this goal. At Withfor we want each of our clients to set out on an unequalled journey in the sale and purchase of a property, accompanied by professionals who will ensure that they always make the best decisions.

From the moment you enter our offices, you will know that with us you will have a unique and completely different experience than the traditional way of doing real estate transactions. We are the ethical real estate agency of the city of Barcelona. We have great professionals in the sector to further ensure our commitment to our clients, with trust and transparency in each procedure and management. We are the ones who want to help you and be by your side every step of the way. We welcome you.
  • Ethics: the main pillar

    At Withfor, ethics is our essence, and we believe that it should prevail in the real estate sector. It is the foundation on which our company is based, and, in addition, it has been our main commitment in the 20 years that we have as an agency.

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  • WFamily

    It goes far beyond being a real estate agency. We have a huge commitment to society and the environment as part of our core values. For this reason, the education of future social actors is also a focus of interest.

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  • The team

    Versatility and dynamism. This is the way to describe the great group of people who are behind our company. We work every day to improve our customer experience and we strive to leave a mark on them.

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  • Our House

    A space of peace, specially designed to promote gathering  and where the best ideas are also cooked up. It is not only our workspace, but also a place where we organize workshops and activities related to our real estate business. A space where comfort will be our starting point to listen to you and to be able to advise you in the best way.

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