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We are the first ethical real estate agency in Spain to be B Corp certified

At Withfor, we have great news to share with all of you: we have joined the community of certified B Corp™ companies!

This certification is part of our desire to be a high-end real estate company committed to society and the planet.

This is how Withfor is making its mark within the real estate sector: by becoming the first high-end real estate company in Spain to obtain this certification within our sector.

What is the B Corp movement?

B Corp is the international quality certification awarded to companies with the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, transparency, and corporate responsibility.

B Corp companies are transforming the way we do business. Their mission is not only to maximise shareholder value, but also to create social, environmental, and economic value for all their stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, communities, the environment and, of course, shareholders.

B Corp certification is therefore the title that reaffirms the mission and values of companies committed to these standards.

Five areas of impact are taken into account:

  • Governance
  • Employees
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Customers

In this way, B Corp works to reduce inequality and poverty, care for the environment, strengthen communities and create high quality jobs with dignity and purpose, using the strength of the company to make a positive impact on people, planet, and community.

The foundations that have enabled us to achieve B Corp Certification

Our main pillar is that ethical and real estate concepts must always go hand in hand.

Julie Plottier, co-founder and CEO of Withfor, explains: “We are very happy to have finally achieved certification. Withfor has always been a B Corp at heart, as we have been immersed in the mission of the B Corp community from the beginning. We went through the Business Impact Assessment or BIA, which measures the impact of the operations and business model at all levels of the company. The requirements are very demanding, but it’s also what allows us to really build a business model that is committed to a fairer economy, and that doesn’t just say it, but reflects it in its actions.

Our work is based on the demand for quality, transparency, honesty, trust and, above all, human quality, not only with our clients, but above all with our team. And it is in this spirit that we always accompany you in the process of buying, selling, or renting a property.

In addition, we seek to leave a positive impact on society.

In order to fulfil our mission of social aid, we have created a social fund, called “Withfor Family“. We participate in several actions and, in particular, we redistribute 1.25% of each transaction to a foundation called Roure, located in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, which helps people in precarious situations through various programmes. Specifically, we collaborate in the rehabilitation of totally unhealthy housing for some families in this neighbourhood.

Together, we can go further, and this is how we have become Barcelona’s ethical real estate agency, holding the door wide open to the ethical values that make us be and work in line with our principles.

Moreover, as Plottier adds, “we hope that the movement will continue to grow and that many companies, especially in Spain, can join this global community of companies that generate a positive impact on society.”

We are With you and For you. Do you want to know more about Withfor being B Corp? We explain it here.

List of other B Corp companies

Other companies that have been certified with this social and environmental commitment stamp are:

  • Danone
  • Holaluz
  • The Body Shop
  • Ben and Jerry’s
  • Veritas
  • And many more…

At Withfor, we are convinced that each one of us can turn our purchasing power into an important instrument of change towards a more sustainable world.

With hard work and effort, we have managed to generate a very positive dynamic to preserve our values as a company, and to contribute as much as possible to improving our future in the city and that of the planet.

Are you a company and would like to contribute to creating a better world? You can start here.

Contact us at any time or visit us at our Withfor House. We look forward to meeting you.