Do you live in a healthy home?

Geobiological studies allow us an in-depth understanding of the conditions within a home and whether or not they are optimal for well-being.


26 June 2019 |

We spoke to Jordi Martorell, manager of Geo-Tec, a geobiologist, and expert in natural and artificial radiation. He explained that he discovered Geobiology because of a personal experience: “An electric transformer right next to my office and sleeping on top of an underground watercourse caused my health to deteriorate drastically. Fatigue, electrosensitivity, dietary sensitivity… were just some of the symptoms caused by the radiation” explained Jordi.

We also spoke to Pilar Piña, Architect and Geobiologist and head of the company, who assured us that: “Inhabiting a healthy space, just like a balanced diet, good habits, genetics… is crucial to enjoy good health, balance, and well-being.

We discuss in more depth Geobiology and Martorell and Piña’s work.

W: What does a Geobiologist do?

Pilar Piña: Geobiology is an interdisciplinary science that studies the relationship between “Gaia” – earth – (the energies coming from the earth) and “bios” – life – (the living beings that inhabit it).

I mean, geobiology is the study of the relationship that exists between the qualities of living space and the health of the people that inhabit or frequent this space.

We began working in the field of radiation: some kinds are natural, generated by the earth, and others are artificial, man-made, and can be high or low frequency. As Geobiologists we try to detect, locate and measure them, and consider the influence they have on people. We focus particularly on the areas where people spend lots of time, for example, where people sleep, rest, or work. We analyse both homes and offices.

Jordi Martorell: In the case of offices, we should point out that we work with the Wellness Building Standard certificates; a framework that values a diverse range of aspects that affect the health of workers, ensuring that they are healthy in the workplace.

How do you work, and what procedures do you follow?

PP: First, we give a presentation to the client explaining all the concepts that we will measure in the home, as well as the effect these can have on their health and possible solutions. It’s important to stress that there are solutions for almost everything.

JM: Using our measuring instruments, we assess the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic high-frequency contamination that we might find, as well as the radon gas pollution in basements and ground floors.

JM: Then, by means of dowsing we look for underground watercourses, which just like artificial radiation, can be very detrimental to one’s health.

If we are carrying out a study in an office, we also measure the ambient electrostatic charge. Being exposed for long periods of time to a level of electromagnetic pollution can cause serious health problems like semicircular lipoatrophy. Many of the buildings categorised as ill have these kinds of problems.

The fact that most of these buildings have artificial as opposed to natural ventilation, is also significant.  They don’t have windows and this creates closed, airtight spaces, which increases the concentration of positive ions (more damaging to health). Often this charge generates more stress than the work itself.

Are there any factors that can weaken and minimise this charge?

JM: Yes, the choice of shoes can diminish the concentration of ions, as most have plastic soles the accumulation of electricity remains in our bodies.

PP: Even the clothes we wear, if we use synthetic fabrics, can also make things worse for us.  All the electromagnetic contamination you have acquired by touching a computer, a tablet… It remains in you manifesting itself as nervous stress and in the long run, can influence more severe health problems.

What symptoms might make us think that our home is not healthy?

JM: Among the most common symptoms indicating that we are being affected by geopathic zones are nervousness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, insomnia… Tiredness, headaches, migraines, and even infertility, as radiation can affect endocrine and nervous systems.

How can we be sure ours is a healthy home?

PP: Firstly, by carrying out a geobiological study, and ensuring that the values obtained are within the limits recommended by experts.

JM: Some of the areas we study are the lighting, and the water quality, we check that the spaces are free of radiation and are comfortable… that there are no toxic materials present in the home, we also check the soundproofing and the air quality.

Which countries are leaders in the field of healthy homes? What level of knowledge is there in Spain?

JM: As a country of reference we should look to Switzerland, where the legislation is more demanding and takes into consideration the criteria we have mentioned. They even have “white zones” Communities free of radiation for people suffering from different forms of electrosensitivity.

In our country, there isn’t much knowledge regarding this field and the legislation is not at all demanding. In fact, as an example, Spain and other countries, permit radiation from magnetic fields of up to 100,000 nanoteslas, when the scientific community has demonstrated that prolonged exposure to more than 300 nanoteslas is already damaging. And the state legislations are based on the short-term thermal effects, not on the long-term effects.

How do you see the future? Geobiology is reaching people little by little…

PP: We need to make people aware of the importance of the dangers involved with sleeping or working in places with high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Whenever we explain this, there is always someone who is affected by, or recognises some symptoms saying, “I don’t sleep well, I’m nervous, I have headaches…”. Many people see this reflected in themselves or know someone to who this is happening to. We need to raise public awareness of the importance of space beyond just what is visible.

We have measuring equipment to detect what we can feel, but not see. Some people are more sensitive, others less so, but everyone is affected by the space they inhabit.

JM: In ten or twenty years, the number of people with some kind of geo-pathogen will increase exponentially. We must start to set the foundations to guarantee that the public lives and work in healthy buildings. A healthy building means better health.

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