We are much more than a real estate agency

At Withfor we are the first ethical real estate agency in Barcelona and our commitment is to offer the best service in the sale or rental of a property to all our customers. We always have honesty, transparency, and commitment as a basis, but… what exactly does it mean to be ethical? 

It is true that it is not an easy concept to explain, but here we will explain it in a simple and detailed way.

Why are we the ethical real estate agency?

To affirm that “ethics” is a way to fight against the prejudices that affect our sector, because we are convinced that the concepts of ethics and real estate can and must always go together.

To be ethical is to think about our professional work. It is to commit ourselves to our clients in giving them the best service,
but it is also our social commitment as a company, making our activity be in accordance with our convictions.

Our project goes beyond being a real estate agency. It consists of a way of rethinking our activity to include environmental, human, and ethical factors. Moreover, we are lucky to have a team that shares a very concrete vision of the world and a positive attitude towards it. It is in our DNA. We are a real estate agency that you can trust completely, knowing that we will advise you with what is best for you, and we will accompany you throughout the process.

What do we do?

Our main objective is to offer the best real estate service to our clients with a range of services and plans adapted to their needs. We base our work on ethical principles and a firm social commitment. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we are the real estate agency with the most ethical values always looking for a continuous improvement. We love this city, and we are committed to make it better every day: we dedicate a part of our profits to projects that benefit the community. Because we are convinced that ethics and the real estate sector can fully coexist. If you are planning to look for a new home, sell or rent your property, Withfor is a guarantee of effectiveness, warmth, and peace of mind.


We want to transmit a different idea of what is the traditional concept of real estate. Therefore, we are driven by these three values:

We work in a glocal way

In Withfor, we work locally but always taking into account the global context. That’s why we identify ourselves as a “glocal” company. Perfectly knowing Barcelona allows us to open ourselves to the world and, although we only work in the city of Barcelona, we always have our eyes on other countries and municipalities. This allows us to be inspired, expand, and improve our services.

We work as a team

We firmly believe that by working together any process works better and, thus, we go further.
Each of our professionals is an expert in a field and the fact that we are committed to teamwork, makes the sum of our efforts
stronger, more versatile and, of course, a leader in the real estate sector.

We defend the ethics in the real estate world

As our letter of introduction says, Withfor is the ethical real estate agency, since we work from the awareness and the conviction that we can all contribute towards improving society, both in our daily life, and in the relationship with everything around us. For that reason, we destine a percentage of the benefits obtained to social projects focused on promoting improvements in education, sustainability, and environmental protection.

Ethical code

Get to know our code, where we promote good ethical practices in the real estate sector.
You can get to the heart of our ideology as a company and discover our philosophy.


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