Press Room

Nuestra apuesta es también por promover y difundir la consciencia ética en el mundo.

Fundació Roure

“There are companies that are more than supportive. This is the case of this real estate company, a donor of the Roure Foundation. Julie Plottier answers our questions…”

La Vanguardia

“Real estate and ethics, words that can coexist perfectly. Honesty, trust and reasonable fees are the main demands of real estate clients…”


“Withfor is revolutionizing the real estate market in Barcelona, not by reinventing the profession, but by changing the way things are done.”

Le Petit Journal

“Le Guide pratique ‘S’installer à Barcelone’ 2020”


“Withfor follows Holaluz or Danone and it becomes the first ethical real estate agency of Barcelona”.

Elles Magazine

“At Withfor we put people at the center of the customer experience. We take care of our customers, as we would like them to take care of us!”