The Withfor team

We want you to know the human part of the company: a team of international and versatile professionals who are always ready to give the best of themselves and advise you in every step of your real estate journey.

Meet the Withfor team

Julie Plottier

Manager / Co-founder

I’m Barcelonian by adoption since 1991. Together with Jorge Enrich, we decided to found Withfor because we are both convinced that within the real estate sector there is room for ethics. While we offer the best services and move this company forward, we are also contributing towards a fairer society. And we are doing so with the approval of our clients who we deal with transparently, responsibly and fondly.

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the State University of San Jose, USA. I worked for a decade in a multinational, I’ve also been an entrepreneur and since June 2017 I’ve been immersed in the Withfor project.

My family is the driving force in my life. I celebrate life with dance and replenish my energy with music and the appreciation of art and architecture.

With you for Barcelona

Jordi Enrich Serra


Madrid is my home town.

I studied business administration (BBA) at the Schiller International University and the Management Development Program (PDD) at the International Graduate School of Management (IESE).

I’ve lived in various countries throughout my life and arrived in Barcelona in 2002. Since then, this city has become my home and I dedicate my efforts to help make it a better place day after day.

I’ve worked in the real estate sector for over 20 years: initially as part of the CBRE team and then as a promoter. I created the estate agent Lantana Premium.

In June 2017 I became fully involved in the Withfor project, to which I devote lots of enthusiasm and responsibility.

I love sports, especially those related to nature. I’m an avid reader and passionate about cooking which has turned into the perfect excuse to see friends.
It was in June 2017, that I began working with the exciting Withfor project. I love sport, especially those related to nature (skiing, cycling, sea swimming, yoga), I’m an avid reader and passionate about cooking – the perfect excuse to see friends.

Carmen Estrada

Control manager

I´m Venezuelan by birth and Barcelonan by choice. I love this city!

I studied psychology in my country and gained my masters as the mother of a large family. It’s with great enthusiasm that I join the team, adding my administrative management experience to take forward our work as much on the internal side as in the social projects in which we are involved.

I came across Withfor three years ago and fell in love with their way of working, their philosophy, their coherence and the human qualities of their team. We were able to work together in different areas, which allowed us to mutually value each other. They know I love to get involved, create a good working atmosphere and always give it my best.

I consider myself passionate about life. I enjoy it with the people I love the most, always trying to offer something in whatever I do. I love travelling, getting to know the cultures of different places and sharing pleasant conversation around a table.

Rosa Domingo

Hospitality manager

From a young age I was very sure; I wanted to work in the hospitality industry. I’ve always been fascinated by hotels and by being able to live amidst the stories that unfold within them.

I was part of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Companies family, in the Hotel Arts Barcelona for 15 years. There I had the opportunity to form part of the opening teams in cities such as New York, Santiago de Chile, Istanbul and Milan. I have fond memories and good friends from those times.

Andrea Rodríguez Fortuny

Commercial department

I was born in Barcelona.

I enjoy dealing directly with people and that is my main role at Withfor. We maintain a close and dynamic relationship with the whole team and evidently that also extends to the relationships with our clients.

I studied a degree in tourism at C.E.T.T. While I my studied, I partnered with my sister developing a jewellery design and marketing project. After 25 years in this sector, I wanted to give my life a twist and pursue a new path in the world of real estate.

I’m passionate about performing arts, I also enjoy dancing and cycling.

Elena Abad Segura

Commercial department

I was born in Barcelona but grew up in a small village next to the mountain Montserrat. This has generated an important link for me with nature and I need to connect with it frequently.

With a diploma in tourism and postgraduate studies in marketing management and event marketing, I developed my career as a consultant in companies linked to the marketing of exhibitions and events. I also worked in real estate and subsequently created my own business in the fitness sector.
I have been linked to the real estate sector for several years.

I enjoy spending time with my family; my three daughters are my priority. I enjoy physical exercise, especially running and yoga.

At Withfor we are a close-knit team, that works with understanding, empathy and integrity. We are always looking for service excellence.

Paloma Salas

Marketing department

Peruvian born and Peruvian at heart.

I was born towards the end of 1989 in the city of Lima and many years later, I “crossed the pond” and fell in love – I still am falling in love – with Barcelona.

I have a degree in Communications with a diploma in Corporate Communications Management, and am currently studying a masters in Project Management.

Barcelona is a unique experience of strength, of diversity, of confluence and of rich cultural living. It wraps you up and traps you… and no-one ever knows for how long. It’s in this city that I was lucky enough to find an incredible group of professionals, but above all great human beings that convert their work into a passion. Withfor is more than an estate agent, it’s a philosophy of life that is driven by the company to be more mindful of our common home.

I travel whenever possible in order to continue to be amazed by, and learn from, different places, cultures and people, all of which I enjoy capturing through the lens of my camera. I also enjoy cycling on a daily basis – especially by the beach – and dancing.

Laida Salsamendi

Marketing department

Directly from the Basque Country, I arrived in Barcelona in 2019 and I feel more than welcomed by this wonderful city.

I have a degree in Communication from the University of Deusto and I have just finished a Master’s Degree in Business and Corporate Communication Management from the University of Barcelona.

I discovered Withfor almost by chance and fell in love with both its philosophy and its team of professionals. I knew that I wanted to work with them and soak up their welcoming environment to develop professionally, personally and intellectually.

I am interested in people, I adore animals and among my passions are reading and writing. My favorite place is the sea, anywhere in the world.

Claudi Molins

Ivestment department

Born in Barcelona in 1995, I have lived in the city all my life and I know it perfectly, its most famous places and I know how to enjoy this incredible city.

I have studied Management at the Toulouse Business School, and I have been working in the real estate sector for two years. With curiosity and with a desire to learn, I started with Withor, a company with an environment very prone to growth, learning and development and with an unsurpassed human team.

I take care of the tertiary department, analyzing projects and I am also dedicated to searching real estate data to create the most accurate market reports to give the best service to our clients.

My great hobby is doing sports 5 days a week, practicing crossfit, going to the gym and doing soccer and paddle tennis. I combine that with celebrating life with friends and family. I really enjoy it especially if there is food involved.

Withfor is based on very deep values:

    • We are a GLOCAL. business. We work locally while always considering the global context. We believe that a good understanding of Barcelona opens the door to the wider world; we act in our city but always with a view to other countries and municipalities that inspire us and allow us to extend and improve our services.
    • We believe in TEAMWORK. Together we do better and get further. Our professionals are experts in different fields. The sum of our efforts, makes us a strong business, versatile and leader in our sector.
    • We are NONCONFORMISTS. We can always improve and we work hard every day so that this is the case. Our DNA pushes us to go further, to better ourselves, so that our clients are proud to have chosen us.
    • We defend ETHICS in the real estate world. We work with conscience and with the conviction that we can all do something to improve society, in our everyday life and in the way we relate to all that surrounds us. That’s why we allocate a percentage of our profits to social projects that foster gender equality, promote emotional education in childhood, and protect the environment.
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