Withfor Family

“Follow your heart but take your brain with you” – Alfred Adler –

When things are done with conscience and love, they leave an indelible mark around you.

For this reason, we have given life to the idea of ​​”Withfor Family”, a social fund that aims to dedicate a part of the company’s profits to projects that carry out social actions in an effective and real way in Barcelona.

This Withfor Family fund is made up of the Withfor team and also by those people who hire any of the services offered. In this way, our clients are a direct part of this contribution to our society. In addition, suppliers and collaborators who so wish are also invited to be part of our family.

At Withfor we are totally convinced that we can help improve society and the relationship with the environment, through different social and ethical commitments with others.

Get to know what are they!

  • Our social commitment

    For the education of future social players

    We support projects in the field of education and environmental protection in Barcelona. However, there are some assumptions that social changes are possible and that there is quality education, including academic and emotional aspects of children’s application.

    It is now that the necessary values ​​must be provided to young people. So when they are adults, they can create a more fit and sustainable society.

    Withfor Family collaborates with organizations and groups that work on educational projects, focusing on the establishment of certain values ​​such as respect, gender equality, sustainability and protection of the environment.

  • Commitment to the environment

    Full awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

    At Withfor Family we seek to put our grain of sand in projects that provide new ideas for the protection of the ecosystem and the planet. We want to ensure that the city has a healthier environment, and in turn, promote a sustainable economy.

    Our participation in these projects is a commitment to achieve a greener, more welcoming city, one that breathes better and where recycling and new renewable energies are promoted more.

  • Social initiatives in Barcelona

    Magic Line

    At Withfor we reserve part of our benefits and fees obtained for each real estate brokerage, either for the sale or rental of a property.

    Every year, our Withfor team, clients, collaborators and friends form a solidarity group to participate in the great walk organized by Sant Joan de Déu. This is how it has been in the years 2019 and 2020.

Withfor Family supports social initiatives in Barcelona

Welcome to this great family, committed and proud to be doing effective, genuine work in society

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